Headshot of Aishani
well...who is Aishani?

I’m a Product Designer from the University of Michigan, where I majored in UX Design and minored in Computer Science. I had started out my undergraduate career pursuing neuroscience to deeply understand the fascinating literature behind how humans learn. Whether it’s solving a daily problem that could help someone ease their life, or integrating accessibility to improve the reach of technology, I strive to weave empathy & data into every design decision.

I consider myself to be a double diamond problem solver. I believe in investing time in every step of the process from research and design to testing and iterating to deliver the best product.

when not designing, I am


From dancing in front of the television when I was 3 years old to performing in front of large audiences, I love losing myself in the music and letting my body express. Most evenings you can find me at a workshop learning a new form or choreographing to my favourite tunes in my room.


I love the thrill of exploring and immersing myself in new places (especially if they are hidden gems and not so touristy). One of my short term goals is to take a solo backpacking trip down Southeast Asia

And Cooking + Eating.

I firmly believe that good food has the power to bring people together and create unforgettable moments. Whether it's trying out the latest trendy restaurant or experimenting with new recipes at home, I'm always on a hunt to satisfy my taste buds. (but we all know, nothing beats my mom's bengali shrimp coconut curry :))